Increase your customer numbers with superb video

Video editors at Soft Minders provide you with more than just post-production support. They have over a decade of expertise in the video editing industry, serving worldwide photographers, ad agencies, picture studios, corporates, and others. Soft Minders Inc. has the resources and expertise to edit and turn any sort of raw material into professional videos in a timely manner.

We are here to make your video more attractive and eye-catching so the number of viewers go up and as well as your customer increases in numbers.

Our Video Editing Service Includes

Background noise removal: Most video footage contains unsteady pictures, background sounds, and other distracting factors. We eliminate unnecessary components to create one-of-a-kind, professional films. We use the latest technology voice modulator which makes your voice sound in HD. so no more sounding like you are underwater.

Additional Effects: We can help you if you want to improve your videos or add unique effects. To help you engage people, our video editors enhance your film with unique effects, transitions, music, and sound. Enjoy on point films like VFX effects at an affordable price with us. Adding images, other visual representations, transitions, etc., to audio podcasts and converting them into videos is our forte.

Recovery and enhancements: We employ cutting-edge software and data recovery systems to ensure that the exclusive video material on your VHS or even other outdated media is recovered as efficiently as possible. This, in conjunction with our video enhancing service, guarantees that you receive exactly what you need, with far more clarity and effect. To further improve and digitize the movies, we also work on color, contrast, and audio recovery.

Basic editing: If all you need is a trim, tidy, and sequenced video out of your raw video data, our basic video editing services are just what you need. Our video editing service has affordable pricing that are ideal for new business owners or professionals on a tight budget. We take the time to understand your specific video footage editing needs as well as the planned result, and then we offer our basic video editing services.